Park Bo Gum Reads a Book and Shows Off Head of Hair in First Stills from K-drama Encounter

The first stills are out of Park Bo Gum in upcoming tvN drama Encounter (Korean title Boyfriend) and I couldn’t help but let out a smirky chuckle. He looks so airbrushed and not even due to his own doing, the production is going out of its way to make him seem like the prototypical K-drama flower boy younger man love interest. Whereas Yoo Ah In in Secret Love Affair seemed rough around the edges, youthfully good looking but not overly packaged, I prefer that than making Park Bo Gum so overly idealized as a hot dish for an emotionally pent up and lonely older career woman to find her second chance at happiness with. He has a luscious full head of hair, reads books, and had a million dollar smile, I totally get why Song Hye Kyo‘s character would have an Encounter with Park Bo Gum and make him her Boyfriend. Continue reading