Encounter Cast Celebrates Drama Wrap and Ends with Slightly Higher Average Ratings than Same Network Memories of Alhambra

It’s clear the screenwriter of Encounter (Boyfriend) took her writing classes seriously because there were no bad/poorly written characters in the drama. Every single role was three dimensional, and fleshed out despite limited screen time for the supporting cast. I’ll remember that fondly like I’ll miss Driving Miss Soo Hyun ahjusshi Manager Nam, good friend til the end Hye In, the self-sacrificing second male lead who made stupid decisions with the right intentions, and the dueling power hungry mothers who had their own insecurities and failures.

The entire cast deserves its drama wrap party and the beaming smiles of the cast arriving last night showed how much everyone loved working on this drama. Park Bo Gum spent a lot of time outside with the fans gathered in the cold to see him, and Song Hye Kyo arrived later so missed the media pictures but was there to celebrate a winning drama. In the end, the two high profile tvN December 2018 dramas ended nearly neck-and-neck with both a resounding cable network success in ratings – Encounter’s average AGB nationwide ratings was 8.475% and Memories of Alhambra averaged 8.434%. Continue reading

An Empress’s Dignity and Sky Castle are the December 2018 Surprise Hits Over High Profile Memories of Alhambra and Encounter

Right now there are four dramas doing well in their respective ratings but two are surprise underdogs that are garnering ratings far above expected and the other two are high profile big budget expected successes that are just meeting expectations. … Continue reading

Drama Posters Show Encounter OTP Returns to Cuba in Later Episodes as the Friend-mance Goes Public at End of Episode 4

I’m so in love with tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) and it’s telling how I really didn’t pay too much attention to the details pre-premiere that I totally missed narrative cues. The first posters for the drama show the leads … Continue reading