Song Hye Kyo Offered Female Lead in K-drama Boyfriend Opposite Park Bo Gum

HOLY %^&*#*! Sorry for the screaming but this is legit unreal even as a potential casting rumor. K-ent is reporting that Song Hye Kyo is considering the female lead role in upcoming romance K-drama Boyfriend which will likely star Park Bo Gum. Let’s all take a step back and consider that any potential K-drama that even remotely may star Song Hye Kyo gets publicity up the wazoo, and now double that with the news she may work with real life husband Song Joong Ki‘s very good friend and protege Park Bo Gum. I mean, Bo Gummie sang at her wedding! I don’t have a problem with them working together due to any real life awkwardness, everyone is an acting pro, it’s just way weird considering visually I do NOT see them together even as a fictional drama couple. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong but we’ll see in the coming weeks if this casting gets confirmed. Continue reading