Yang Mi Ravishing in Chic Chanel Outfit at Press Conference for C-movie Brotherhood of Blades 2

Success must be a glorious and beautifying elixir because C-actress Yang Mi has been on fire level gorgeous since starting the year off on a mega high note with the drama adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love). I don’t think I’ve seen her styled as beautifully in any period C-drama as she was arrayed in so many flowy dresses and ethereal hairstyles, not to mention the perfect makeup never overdone as so often C-dramas are wont to do. She’s since shined bright in various awards ceremonies and press events, and the latest look strikes my fancy for how eye catching she looks. Yang Mi attended the movie premiere for wuxia period movie Brotherhood of Blades 2 with costar Chang Chen rocking the latest Chanel outfit with a simple white with black logo top and asymmetrical red skirt. It’s so so cute and I love how she kept it casual with a slightly mussed half do. Oh, and the movie looks pretty darn intense as well judging from the trailer for those who love stylized wuxia flicks. Continue reading