Park Bo Gum Seen Attending Good Friend V’s BTS Concert in Hong Kong

Today’s friendship goals and positive news coming out of K-ent is courtesy of cutie patootie actor Park Bo Gum. Apparently he’s living the real life version of Her Private Life sorta, being good friends with V of top idol group BTS and attending their concert like a seasoned fanboy. Park Bo Gum was spotted at a BTS concert last week dressed down in t-shirt and glasses with his hair au natural style. He was holding signs and the BTS glow stick like a seasoned pro, clearly no stranger to a BTS concert and a supportive friend all the way. So cute to see this top actor himself act like any of us at a BTS concert! Continue reading

Korean Government Poll of Overseas Hallyu Viewers Puts Lee Min Ho, BTS, Mr. Sunshine, and Train to Busan Top of Respective Categories

Consider me surprised and impressed that a poll conducted recently landed an actor currently in military service on the top of the list. South Korean government recently polled 16 overseas country viewers interested in Hallyu on their favorites in the … Continue reading

Asia Artist Awards 2018 Delivers True Popularity Contest Winners and Typical K-fashion Styles

The Asia Artist Awards are the true purveyors of a popularity contest and if it wasn’t for actors and actresses getting random awards along with the idol and pop stars I’d probably not cover it. This year the highlight was … Continue reading

Running Man Releases Upcoming Guest List of Gong Yoo, BTS, TWICE, Suzy, and Song-Song Couple on 1st Day of April

Congrats to the casting director for long running variety show Running Man for earning a lifetime bonus and bragging rights by signing up what is the most incredible list of guests. The production team poster on April 1st today the … Continue reading