Stars Arrive at BIFF for the Opening Night Premiere of Always with So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo

The Busan International Film Festival opened yesterday and the Korean stars descended on the coastal city to promote their upcoming movies and dazzle in some glitz and glamour. The opening night film is Always (Only You), the romance movie starring So Ji Sub as a boxer and Han Hyo Joo as the nearly-blind girl he falls in love with.

Everyone walked the red carpet and then went inside for the premiere of Always, where Director Song Il Gun and his two stars answered some questions, and then proceeded to give away the ending of the movie. LOL, good one, guys! Below are some pictures from the red carpet for many of the stars in attendance, and spoiler for the movie.

This is also the first year using the B spelling for Busan (whereas before it was Pusan) since the city itself has settled on that romanization. So the festival used to be known as PIFF, but is henceforth now BIFF.

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