Park Shin Hye Drops Sleek Promo Pictorial for Netflix Released Thriller Movie The Call Which is Getting Top 10 Rankings Since Premiere

The thriller K-movie Call (The Call) finally got released exclusively on Netflix at the end of November 2020 after two earlier movie theater release dates were scrapped due to COVID-19. In the two weeks since the movie has ranked in the top 10 films list on the platform globally and even making number 1 at some point in specific Asian countries. I’m sure the production sold the streaming right to Netflix enough to recoup the cost and it was always a more high brow budget flick rather than one of those giant blockbusters that spent all the money on special effects and location shoots. Female lead Park Shin Hye is getting positive reviews though her character and performance isn’t as eye catching as costar Jeon Jong Seo as the antagonist. For a COVID scuttled year it’s pretty impressive that Park Shin Hye has done well with not just one but now two K-movies, this summer with zombie survival flick #Alive and now Call.

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