Pale Faces and Dark Pink Lipstick Distract in Comedic New Teaser for True Beauty

If the premise of upcoming K-drama True Beauty (Goddess Descends) is about the power of makeup alone to transform an ordinary girl into a wondrous beauty then the makeup team for the cast has already failed. The second teaser is out and I’m wildly distracted by the terrible makeup job on all three leads Moon Ga Young, Cha In Woo, and Hwang In Yeop. They all have the same too pale too much BB cream face and appear to be using the exact same shade of dark pink lipstick. Like what gives? Moon Ga Young is beautiful in real life and the drama’s idea of making her pre-makeup an ugly duckling is apparently a bad case of rosacea. I’m still planning to tune in to see if Hwang In Yeop keeps breaking out as he’s done in his last two dramas I watched, he reminds me of a mash up of Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jae Wook and that’s a great niche to be in.

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