Cha Ye Ryun and Joo Sang Wook Will Tie the Knot in May 2017

Celebrity wedding news comes in pairs this week in K-ent, with 2017 shaping up like the wedding bonanza over in TW-ent last year. A day after Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo announced their upcoming June wedding, also dating since last year couple Cha Ye Ryun and Joo Sang Wook shared news of their own impending nuptials. Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun met on the set of MBC drama Glamorous Temptation in 2016 and have been quietly dating since then.

Their wedding is scheduled for May so they’ll beat Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo to the altar but it doesn’t matter since this isn’t a competition, lol. Late spring and early summer are the most popular wedding dates so these two well-matched and ready for marriage couples will certainly share their happiness with fans in the coming months. Congrats to Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun! Continue reading

School-aged Pictures of Popular Hallyu K-actresses Show the Before and After

I did a post awhile back on the school age before and after pictures of Korea’s male stars. It’s time for the ladies counterpart post and who better to top it off than the three renowned prettiest actresses in Korea. … Continue reading

Joo Sang Wook, Choi Kang Hee, and Cha Ye Ryun are the Confirmed Leads of MBC’s Glamorous Temptation

There’s casting movement coupled with a major reversal for upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama Glamorous Temptation. Earlier this week saw the casting of the teen leads Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk, roles that are less the typical child portion … Continue reading

Happy Mid-autumn: My Secret Hotel Preempted and My Lovely Girl Prepares for Premiere

Happy Zhong Qiu/Chuseok everyone! It’s the annual mid-autumn festival in the Asian countries that still celebrate it, namely Korea and Greater China (Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) for us following along with its dramas. Japan celebrates it as Tsukimi or … Continue reading