Yoo Dong Geun and Weekend Drama Marry Me Now Win Major Awards at 2018 Korean Drama Awards

The most exciting thing at the 2018 Korean Dramas Awards was how utterly lackluster it was. Other than veteran Yoo Dong Geun showing up to accept his Daesang and his weekend drama Marry Me Now winning Best Drama, it was an event where I was struggling to find reason why it existed. It felt like the winners were anyone who agreed to show up, and maybe Kam Woo Sung and Chae Jung Ahn had a free night and I am happy whenever they win an award but feel this one was for the teenyboppers. The ladies of the 2018 Miss Korea pageant attended so that was fun for the navel gazing but for their mostly meh gowns. Idol-actors Chansung and Cha Eun Woo took home Hallyu Awards (quelle surprise) and overall this was a tinny way to kick off the 2018 Korean acting awards season. Continue reading

K-stars Finally Try Adventurous Fashion Dressing to Mixed Results at W Korea Bash for Breast Cancer Charity

This news post is a week late but it was a trying week in K-ent with the saddest star departure followed by the happiest celebrity wedding, one needs to take a deep breath and get back on track. On October … Continue reading

A Few A-list But Mostly Aspiring Korean Stars Attend 2018 Fall Seoul Fashion Week

The level of star power at the 2018 Fall Seoul Fashion Week shows really hammered home the strata of star power. While the A-listers have been hitting up overseas couture shows in Paris, Milan, and New York, this week the … Continue reading