Chae Jung Ahn in Talks to Join K-drama Remake of Suits Opposite Jang Dong Geun and Park Hyung Sik

The casting for the K-drama remake of US legal show Suits is suiting up just right even if there’s still many elements to do right if this project wants to avoid the predilection for K-drama remake fail. The latest casting news is that Chae Jung Ahn has been offered a role in Suits, joining already confirmed male leads Jang Dong Geun and Park Hyung Sik. I love her acting since Prime Minister and I and continued into Yongpal where she was wholly underused. She’s got a composed but playful onscreen presence even if she’s asked to play bitchy or conniving, a bit like Lee El‘s style. With her lined up as a secretary at the law firm I feel the production definitely has a smart eye to finding the right K-ent talent for the Suits characters. Continue reading

K-stars Finally Try Adventurous Fashion Dressing to Mixed Results at W Korea Bash for Breast Cancer Charity

This news post is a week late but it was a trying week in K-ent with the saddest star departure followed by the happiest celebrity wedding, one needs to take a deep breath and get back on track. On October … Continue reading

A Few A-list But Mostly Aspiring Korean Stars Attend 2018 Fall Seoul Fashion Week

The level of star power at the 2018 Fall Seoul Fashion Week shows really hammered home the strata of star power. While the A-listers have been hitting up overseas couture shows in Paris, Milan, and New York, this week the … Continue reading

Yongpal Holds Press Conference and Readies for Wednesday Premiere with Long Trailer

This Wednesday is the premiere of new SBS Wed-Thurs drama Yongpal (Yongpalyi), taking over for the ratings leader Mask and giving audiences a different type of dish to sink their teeth into. Instead of inheritance and identity hijinks, Yongpal goes … Continue reading