Jerry Yan Pairs Up with Shen Yue for C-drama Count Your Lucky Stars in Weird Meteor Garden Generational Crossover

I double checked my Meteor Garden encyclopedia and confirmed, yep there is a twenty year age difference and the two dramas aired 18 years apart. I’m talking about OG Taiwanese Meteor Garden and the latest C-version remake Meteor Garden 2018, and now the pairing of OG Domyouji Jerry Yan with latest Tsukushi Shen Yue. I was thinking of OG Meteor Garden like they would be the parents to the latest version which was so cute and on point, and now suddenly the drama gods want me to imagine Jerry with Shen Yue?!? Like, who thought this was a good idea. And yet when I watched the trailer I couldn’t stop watching because (1) the story for the drama Count Your Lucky Stars looks so stupid (she’s unlucky, he’s not, they kiss and switch lucks), and (2) sheer curiously on how the drama can sell me that they are a compelling romantic couple. Verdict – still out but it’s not an immediately and unholy NO WAY after watching, I’m oddly compelled to check it out. Continue reading