J-actress Sasaki Nozomi Reportedly Not Divorcing Cheating Bastard Watabe Ken and Going Back to Work to Support Family After He Loses All His Gigs

Holy *#%& this makes me so so mad, and yes I know it’s her choice but goodness ARGH I WANT THIS BASTARD TO PAY! J-actress Sasaki Nozomi had to deal with dirty laundry being aired this week when news broke that her much older comedian husband Watabe Ken had been cheating on her with multiple women from repeated mistresses to one-night stands, from other actresses/models to random OLs. It’s like a free for all with his penis, and I can’t believe so many women find sex with him enticing, ewwww.

Despite the confirmation from his side of all the tabloid reporting and groveling to apologize to his wife, Nozomi has told her friends she is NOT divorcing his gross ass for sake of their little toddler. Now J-ent is reporting that she’s gone back to work because Watabe has been fired from all his gigs and reportedly on the blacklist so she needs to support the family. Above that she told her friends that he’s very depressed so she needs to spend as much time with him as she can to be emotionally supportive. OMFG, if there was a cheating husband who needs to roast in hell it’s this giant douchebag. RAGE!!!

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