Cheese in the Trap Movie Releases Preview and New Stills with Premiere on White Day March 14th

I don’t live in a country that celebrates White Day, i.e. White Valentine’s Day or exactly a month after February 14th Valentine’s Day. Hence my mistake in the last post on the upcoming Cheese in the Trap movie which is scheduled to premiere next month on March 14th which is White Valentine’s Day and I saw the Valentine’s Day and naturally assumed it was the regular rather than white one. The production dropped some new pictures on Valentine’s Day, with leads Oh Yeon Seo and Park Hae Jin sitting in a park bench with lovely flower backdrops, along with character stills of the cast holding flower bouquets. I just feel this whole project comes off as perfunctory and lacking any spark or sizzle, like everyone is just going through the motions. Hopefully my initial impression is wrong and the film gives fans of the webtoon the adaptation they deserve and ties up the unsatisfying ending from the drama version. Continue reading

Cheese in the Trap Movie with Park Hae Jin Along with New Cast Gets Valentine’s Weekend 2018 Premiere Date

I’m not sure who the target audience is for the Cheese in the Trap movie but if there are any then the film has been confirmed to hit the theaters on Valentine’s Day weekend of 2018. That’s less than a … Continue reading

Legend of the Blue Sea Tops Chosun Daily Readers Poll of Favorite 2016 K-drama

Another poll result has hit the internet waves and this one feels like the readers had their hands on the pulse the entire time. Online newspaper Chosun Daily which despite it’s name is a Chinese publication covering all news in … Continue reading

Park Hae Jin Missing From the Official Cheese in the Trap OST Drama Pictorial Book

The WTF-ery of the Cheese in the Trap production team apparently refuses to stop even after the drama’s finished airing. One would think the production would do everything possible to avoid further uproar with anything involving male lead Park Hae … Continue reading