Chen Qiao En Posts Selfie Revealing Alarming Hair Gap

TW-actress Chen Qiao En has been working diligently and laying low since starting off the 2018 new year on the wrong side of the law with a drunk driving arrest in Taipei. One hopes she’s learned that lesson and at least there was no one hurt. She’s always been one of the handful of Taiwan drama actresses that always looks young, if you compare her to the early days of Prince Turns into Frog she looks the same. But this week C-netizens were shocked to see Chen Qiao En posting selfies from a field of wildflowers where she sports a parted braid which revealed a very high hairline that looks receded and a noticeable gap of hairless scalp between the part. Actresses have to undergo so much hair and makeup each day, I can’t even image the wear and tear and/or damage done, if she does have thinning hair I have she gets treatment soon because female stars cannot even flirt with balding rumors. Continue reading

Chen Qiao En is the Top Taiwan Star Earner Working in Mainland China Followed by Nicky Wu and Bolin Chen

K-drama fans in the last year must’ve truly understood first hand the acquisition power of Mainland China in dictating the entertainment outputs of some of it’s neighbors. Folks in Taiwan have known that for decades but it’s taken an unofficial … Continue reading

Ady An Rocks the Mega Dress Train as Hawaii Wedding Concludes with Love, Laughter, and a Dance-off

If you love wedding gawking this come right in because this post is chock full of all the visual happy goodies from a star-studded wedding. Taiwanese actress Ady An tied the knot on June 5th in Hawaii with her businessman … Continue reading