Another C-star Couple Emerges as Tong Li Ya and Chen Si Cheng Out Their Relationship on Happy Camp

Hot dang it, China, why are you so ridiculously good to the fangirl in me. I’m bopping around the interwebz minding my own business scrounging for Da Mo Yao drama stuff when BAM!, all the C-entertainment portals lit up simultaneously. As if to out do her good friend Yang Mi (who only recently confirmed her real life romance with her drama leading man Hawick Lau via a press release), C-actress Tong Li Ya went on popular variety show Happy Camp today with her drama leading man Chen Si Cheng to promote the upcoming ending of their currently airing modern C-drama Beijing Love Story……and end up outing their real life relationship to the hosts and audience alike. The stunning confirmation was so surprising and such happy news that it made the two hosts He Jiong and Xie Na cry on the spot.

Apparently C-insiders were already gabbing about the relationship so the two hosts were being their usual nosy playful selves and bugging Tong Li Ya and Chen Si Cheng to confirm the relationship. Chen Si Cheng was very low key to all these questions when suddenly Tong Li Ya outed them on the spot. I wonder what water Yu Zheng fed his cast of Jade Palace Lock Heart, because his leading ladies are dropping likes flies in leaving their singleton status behind. I just have to throw in a random Yuan Hong connection here – Chen Si Cheng‘s next drama has Yuan Hong as the other male lead in Mulan (巾帼大将军) and Tong Li Ya’s next drama has Yuan Hong (and Hawick Lau) as her leading man in the drama adaptation of Lonely Spring Court (寂寞空庭春欲晚). As always, congrats to the happy couple! Continue reading