C-netizens Abuzz with Casting Speculation as new Chinese Paladin Drama Sword and Fairy Announced Based on the 6th Generation RPG Xianxia Game

It feels like a past life almost to hear this drama series back in the news but it’s ripe timing for a new generation to get to experience it. C-ent has announced a new Chinese Paladin drama series called Sword and Fairy, based on the 6th generation of the popular RPG online Xianxia game. The original CP was based on the first game and aired in 2005 and was famous for shooting the main cast to fame (greater fame) from Hu Ge, Crystal Liu, Ady An, and Eddie Peng. In 2009 there was Chinese Paladin 3 adapted from the third gen game and saw Hu Ge return with Yang Mi, Liu Shi Shi, Wallace Huo, and Tang Yan. So C-netizens consider this drama franchise an iconic one for launching stars to bigger stardom The concept poster is out for Sword and Fairy above and there is lots of chatter about who will be cast as the leads. I’m rooting for new faces, use this chance to introduce the broader audience to the reservoir of talent available in C-ent.

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Nostalgia as Chinese Paladin Goddesses Crystal Liu, Yang Mi, and Liu Shi Shi Reunite at Bazaar China Charity Night

When enough times passes is when nostalgia arrives to soften the focus and sweeten the memories. Such was the case at the recent Bazaar China 2016 Star Charity Night event when all three Chinese Paladin leading ladies were gathered together … Continue reading