Nostalgia as Chinese Paladin Goddesses Crystal Liu, Yang Mi, and Liu Shi Shi Reunite at Bazaar China Charity Night

When enough times passes is when nostalgia arrives to soften the focus and sweeten the memories. Such was the case at the recent Bazaar China 2016 Star Charity Night event when all three Chinese Paladin leading ladies were gathered together and in the same frame. Chinese Paladin and Chinese Paladin 3 were the drama adaptations of popular role playing fantasy wuxia games of the same name back in the early 2000s, and the dramas went on the launch many careers of the top Chinese acting stars today.

There was Crystal Liu and Hu Ge in the original CP, and later Hu Ge paired up with Yang Mi and Liu Shi Shi for CP3. The three CP beauties continued to be held up by Chinese drama fans as the gold standard for Chinese period beauties so it’s such a treat to see them decked out in completely different yet thoroughly gorgeous modern formal dresses. Now all that’s needed is a Hu Ge to stand between his stable of breathtaking former costars. Continue reading