Charming and Lovely First Character Stills of the Leads in The Time I Loved You

I couldn’t be more pleased with the casting of the leads in upcoming SBS weekend drama The Time I Loved You (English title The Time We Were Not in Love), all actors I like or love to varying degrees. Regardless of the hiccups with the screenwriter change or the PD carousel, at least I won’t be annoyed watching the four leads act onscreen. The first official character stills are out of Ha Ji Won as Oh Ha Na, Lee Jin Wook as Choi Won, Yoon Kyun Sang as Cha Seo Hoo, and relative newbie Cho Soo Hyun as Lee So Eun.

This drama is a remake of the hit TW-drama In Time With You so the two leads and the second female lead characters are all based on the original story, while the second female lead is not the ex-boyfriend character but a new guy who will romance our heroine. Lee Jin Wook looks like he stepped out of I Need Romance 2 onto this set, which isn’t a bad thing considering this is a rom-com, but it’s seeing Ha Ji Won go back to her pretty rom-com heroine persona that makes me happiest. Continue reading