Former Idol Choi Jung Hoon Admits to Illegally Filming Women After Being Sentenced for Aggravated Rape

Forget returning to K-ent, this douchebag criminal isn’t leaving prison for many many years. Former FT Island member idol Choi Jung Hoon admitted this week to illegally filming women in sexual situations and distributing the footage, i.e. sharing it with his fellow sleazebags in the online chat groups. He’s already been convicted and sentenced to 5 years for aggravated rape alongside Jung Joon Young but this additional crime comes with his trial for bribery of a police officer to get off on a drunk driving arrest. His lawyer admitted to the illegal filming but continued to deny that Choi Jung Hoon tried to a bribe an officer for the drunk driving. Choi Jung Hoon was said to have remarked that he was relieved to admit to the illegal filming as if he’s now unloaded on his guilty conscience. If convicted he’ll get an additional 1.8 months on top of his sentence. Continue reading