Singer Choi Min Hwan Criticized by K-netizens for Celebrity Pitch at Baseball Game that Sent Son’s Head Snapping Around

This was such an irresponsible and idiotic move that even I agree with K-netizens raking him over the coals. Singer Choi Min Hwan attended a baseball game this weekend and threw out the celebrity first pitch, a common occurrence in South Korea. He brought along with wife and son and had his son in a baby Bjorn in front of him when he tossed the first pitch, also happened before with other daddy celebs. The difference is that he put force on his pitch and after the release of the ball the momentum sent his son whipping around in front of him with the most alarming aspect being his toddler head whipping to the side. Babies have very frail necks and spines even up to the toddler days and that could have in the worst case scenario snapped the kids spine or even sprained it. Luckily no harm befall the baby but this dude really needs to learn the basics of parenting. Continue reading