K-netizens Furious Over Choi Siwon’s Family Response After Dog Bites Neighbor Leading to Sepsis-related Death

There’s a really unfortunate and sad all-around news to share coming out of Korea involving Super Junior star Choi Siwon and his family. Earlier in October Choi Siwon’s beloved family French Bulldog Bugsy was off leash in the family apartment complex and ran into an elevator, biting a neighbor who lived in the same complex on her leg. The neighbor went to the hospital but the dog bite lead to sepsis (blood poisoning) and six days later she passed away. The deceased neighbor is a single mother to a twenty-something year old son, and also the CEO of a chain of Korean restaurants Hanilkwan.

K-netizens are livid that Choi Siwon’s dog was off leash, especially after earlier reports that the dog was known to bite people to the point of the family putting the dog in training. Even worse is the family celebrating the dog’s birthday a few days after the bite though before the neighbor passed away. Since the passing the family have all gone to the funeral and apologized profusely to the deceased’s family, though netizens feel it is disingenuous since one apology posted by Choi Siwon’s pastor mentioned that further complications at the hospital caused by treatment may have led to the death. Fundamentally that woman would not have needed hospital treatment if the dog didn’t bite her, so it’s unclear what the family or authorities plan to do with the dog, if anything at all. This scandal is so bad netizens are calling for Choi Siwon to leave tvN drama Revolutionary Love. Continue reading

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