First Throwback Rom-com Teaser for MBN Drama Fluttering Warning with Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung

I’m legit thrilled with upcoming MBN drama Fluttering Warning after watching the one-minute first teaser. It’s fluff with two of my fave actors Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung, what more could I ask for when I merely wanted them to act cute together and give me two hours a week of fun watch. Cotton candy never pretends it’s steak and a top actress and eligible doctor entering into a contract relationship can never be serious enough to judge on its merits and viewers who want to watch simply to ask if it’s going to entertain us. For me it will because I get to imagine the two leads enjoying this lighthearted project and finally working together after three previous near misses. Continue reading

Master of Noodles on KBS Secures Cast of Chun Jung Myung, Jo Jae Hyun, and Jung Yumi

So it looks like this noodle god drama really is happening, even if the storyboard sounds weird, the time slot potentially even weirder, and the production team the weirdest of all. KBS has cast upcoming Wed-Thurs Master: God of Noodles … Continue reading