Offer Out to Jang Dong Gun to Join Hyun Bin in Sci-Fi Drama City of Stars

This is totally the attack of the Kim Eun Sook leading men, and I mean attack in a conquering way where these two male leads joined together would be doubly hard to resist the drama. Next year’s sci-fi drama City of Stars has extended an offer to Jang Dong Gun to join the offer out to Hyun Bin to pair up as the two leading men in this big budget going to space endeavor. Hyun Bin was in the Kim Eun Sook drama Secret Garden which she followed up with A Gentleman’s Dignity starring Jang Dong Gun, with both dramas being hits and doing wonders for the careers of the leading man. They have such different auras and acting styles but if they both confirm the drama it will definitely ratchet up the star power, pun intended. Continue reading