First Stills of Kim Yoo Jung for jTBC Drama Clean With Passion For Now

This could be deemed serendipitous but I think it’s more likely well orchestrated that K-actress Kim Yoo Jung would restart her entertainment activities just as her upcoming K-drama starts to ramp up promotions. Strike while the iron is hot and in this case it’s really hot for her fans clamoring for her drama return since her last hit Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. I’m not expecting the same ratings for webtoon adapted Clean with Passion for Now but it certainly has the same cute vibe. It remains to be seen how visually and acting compatible Kim Yoo Jung will be with male lead Yoon Kyun Sang but solo in her first stills from the drama she certainly hits it out of the park on her own. She’s suitably perky and cheery as befits the personality of her character. Continue reading