Encounter and Sky Castle Lead the Good Data November Drama Rankings While Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo Top the Acting Side

Korean polling platform Good Data provides weekly buzz rankings based on search words and this past week was worth a visit since there were three new dramas premiering and four total dramas released in the last two weeks. Topping the most talked about (buzz) rankings on the drama side are Encounter (Boyfriend) first followed by Sky Castle, Memories of Alhambra, An Empress’s Dignity, and Clean With Passion For Now rounding out the top 5. On the actor/actress side, the top two spots were for the noona-dongsaeng couple of Encounter, with Park Bo Gum in first followed by Song Hye Kyo in second. Coming in third is Hyun Bin for Memories of Alhambra, fourth was Kim Yoo Jung as the cleaning cutie pie, and fifth spot goes to Park Shin Hye also for Memories. The surprises for me is how much buzz both Encounter and especially Park Bo Gum is trending, and it’s probably because of how it really exceeded expectations. I am enjoying both Encounter and Memories at the same interest level but the former just blew me away by how much better than I expected it to be (maybe my expectation was too low, I dunno) whereas Memories is as good as I hope for and totally cool to watch. December will certainly be a fun month with lots of buzzy dramas to watch! Continue reading

The Charmingly Goofy jTBC Drama Clean With Passion For Now Premieres to Cable High 4.0% Ratings

I’m going to give all the credit to young actress Kim Yoo Jung for the success of just premiered jTBC rom-com Clean With Passion For Now. She’s so effervescent and a fantastic actress in conveying any emotion that she’s the … Continue reading