Code Blue 3 with Yamapi, Aragaki Yui and Toda Erika Premiere to Successful 16.3% Ratings

Nearly all the summer 2017 J-doramas have aired so the arrival of highly promoted Code Blue 3 with big name popular stars Yamashita Tomohisa, Aragaki Yui, and Toda Erika feels like a white knight late to a party but bringing the beer when before it was all fruit punch. The third season of the popular doctors on a medical transport helicopter series premiered this past Monday to the highest ratings for this season, and the highest premiere ratings for a prime time dorama in recent memory.

Episode 1 took in 16.3% when nowadays anything over 10% is a promising start, and is nearly the same as the first and second seasons which also averaged around 16% ratings but that was back then when doramas were still doing better overall. That’s great news for Fuji TV which has seen most of it’s Gestu9 doramas average less than 10% ratings in the last two years, and the last to average 11.9% was Yamapi’s own From Five to Nine with Ishihara Satomi. I thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgia back entertainment of episode 1 and can’t wait for more, it’s got all the angst of trying to save lives and the requisite topless Yamapi scene, lol. Continue reading