Vic Zhou and Vivian Hsu’s Upcoming Movie Cohabiting with Fashion Releases First Stills

Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) is currently in Beijing filming a modern TW/C collaboration movie called Cohabiting with Fashion, co-starring Vivian Hsu and HK-actor Alan Tam. Zai Zai plays a white collar employee of a fashion company, and Vivian is a typical hard-working average girl. The movie supposedly depicts how modern young people work hard to make their dreams come true, fall in love, and so on and so¬†forth. Not very original or compelling stuff, but it’s a quick shoot and allows Zai Zai to have some recovery from his grueling year long shoot for his upcoming drama The Other Shore 1945.

After Zai Zai wraps this movie in June, he’s back to Taiwan to make his movie with Ella Chen called Destiny’s Pair. And after that movie wraps, he’s back to China in late August when the mega-blockbuster period epic The Yang’s Clan movie begins filming. Poor Zai Zai is working so hard, but he looks healthier and I prefer him working rather than brooding. Continue reading