Kim Yoo Jung is in Charge as the Backstreet Rookie Opposite Bumbling Ji Chang Wook in First Drama Teaser

The first teaser is out for upcoming SBS Fri-Sat drama Backstreet Rookie (Korean title Convenience Store Morning Star or Convenience Store Saet Byul) and I find nothing bad about it which is a huge relief because this entire project felt so polarizing. There’s concern about Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook‘s age gap (there are so much worse in K-dramas) and the rather raunchy and skeevy source webtoon that really focuses on the female leads feminine assets if you will. But the first teaser just shows her character Saet Byul being totally put together and in charge type while his character is straight out of The Simpsons take on the convenience store manager shuffling his way through a shift. It’s cute and succeeds in making me look forward to this drama.

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Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Headline Script Reading for SBS Drama Convenience Store Morning Star

Right now SBS isn’t having the Fri-Sat night drama reception and ratings it was expecting with fantasy epic drama The King: Eternal Monarch. That doesn’t help the successor drama taking over that time slot in June with Convenience Store Morning … Continue reading

Filming Starts for K-drama Convenience Store Morning Star with Ji Chang Wook, Kim Yoo Jung, and Han Sun Hwa

South Korean drama filming continues (carefully) during the coronavirus era and fans spotted the leads of upcoming SBS drama Convenience Store Morning Star on the streets of Seoul filming. Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung were in character as … Continue reading

Han Sun Hwa Joins Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung in K-drama Convenience Store Morning Star

There’s been so much blowback on the source material webtoon that will be adapted into the K-drama Convenience Store Morning Star (Convenience Store Saet Byul) that I curiously glanced and it and erm it’s totally not my tea. Hopefully the … Continue reading