Crash Landing on You Switzerland Epilogue Stills Show Unaired Scene of Pregnant Se Ri Snuggling with Jung Hyuk

Awwww, I can’t believe the production team of Crash Landing on You didn’t just say to heck with it and let the final episode go past 2 hours. It turns out the final scene on the Swiss countryside where Se Ri and Jung Hyuk reunite every year for two weeks has another more memorable year filmed. Hyun Bin‘s Jung Hyuk is wearing all black, so illegal because nnnnnnggggg it makes him even hotter, whereas Son Ye Jin‘s Se Ri is in a flowing floral dress with a purple cardigan draped around her shoulders and is clearly sporting a baby bump underneath. The only think I can think of for these two to parent a baby in their life together is perhaps Jung Hyuk is waiting for his parents to die and then he can leave North Korea for good to be with Se Ri full time, since without family and relatives there is no one left in NK that can be punished if he defects. This couple is just so sweet and loving together, it’s crazy to see Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin radiating this level of chemistry whether in filming stills and BTS. Continue reading

Secret Garden Shopping Scene Gets Gender-swapped as Hyun Bin Returns to the Department Store in New Stills for Episode 11 of Crash Landing on You

I can’t believe the screenwriter found a way to flashback to one of Hyun Bin‘s most successful dramas and a scene that was quite memorable and problematic there but now gets a gender swapped redo. In new stills for episode … Continue reading

Episode 9 of Crash Landing on You Maintains 11% Ratings and Finally Gets Son Ye Jin Back to South Korea So Hyun Bin Can Pine Beautifully

I don’t think this is anything remotely worth spoiling about tvN drama Crash Landing on You because every single plot point has been cribbed from something before yet stitched together in such an addicting way. This Saturday’s episode 9 continued … Continue reading