KBS Prepares K-drama Remake of Criminal Minds and Offers Lead Roles to Lee Jun Ki and Kim Ah Joong

I won’t question the decision to do another US show K-drama remake despite the spotty track record last year. The Good Wife did relatively well in ratings but not the hit that was expected, and the less said about the abysmal ratings failure of Entourage the better. Third time may be the charm, at least I hope so if my Lee Jun Ki is going to be involved. KBS is prepping the remake of police procedural Criminal Minds and has offered Lee Jun Ki the male lead role. Unlike The Good Wife and Entourage, both of which finished airing by the time the K-drama remake came out, Criminal Minds is currently on its 12th season and may still air when the K-version premieres on KBS in fall of 2017. The drama will be fully filmed this spring and summer for a tentative September air date. Continue reading