Crystal Liu’s First C-drama Comeback in 16 Years in Meng Hua Lu with Chen Xiao Runs into Twin Towers of Competition in the Coveted Summer 2022 Slot as Dilraba and Yang Zi’s Respective New Dramas Also Schedule Same Time

Ooooooh, fight fight fight! Someone replenish my popcorn cuz this is going to get wild. Top C-actress Crystal Liu who rose to fame as Xiaolongnu in the 2006 C-drama adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes and has sense gotten worldwide projects will be making her first C-drama return since then. She was supposed to be back in 2018 with the C-drama The Love of Hypnosis (Nan Yan Zai Bi Lu) with Jing Bo Ran but that drama basically got shelved when a member of the main cast (not the two leads) was deemed by the C-government as one of those blacklisted entertainers. So Crystal’s first return to TV in 16 years will now be the period drama Meng Hua Lu (夢華錄) with Chen Xiao. This drama has been done filming since 2021 and reportedly had to cut 8 (!) episodes in material in order to pass government review and get the airing permit. So now it’s ready to go and the production announced the coveted June 2022 release right in time for the summer holidays. But after it was announced, two other high profile female lead led C-dramas also announced it would be premiering them – Yang Zi and Cheng Yi in Immortal Samsara (沉香如屑) and also Dilraba Dilmurat and Gong Jun in The Legend of Anle (安樂傳). Once this was announced then fans of both actresses started sparring with Crystal’s fans and it’s a full on shit show. Showdown between whether Crystal or Dilraba is the prettiest most goddess actress in C-ent to which one is the better actress and who has most clout, i.e. fans and buzz. I think there is enough time slots for everyone so for the sanity of C-forums please just move these dramas away from each other in air date.

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