Crystal Liu Transforms into Disney’s Version of Mulan in First Wuxia Tinged Movie Teaser

The first teaser trailer is out for the Disney live action movie adaptation of the animated movie Mulan based on the Chinese folklore story of Hua Mulan. Normally I don’t cover Hollywood but the live action movie stars popular Chinese actress Crystal Liu (Liu Yi Fei) as the titular Mulan along with veterans Gong Li, Donnie Yen, and Jet Li. I liked but didn’t love the animated Mulan but I’m loving this live action version which takes out the fantasy elements such as the talking dragon Mushu and also swaps out hunky male lead Li Shang for a younger male lead who is a fellow recruit in the army with Mulan. Crystal looks beautiful in either her girly self or training to become a warrior, she’s just got the steely and resolute look that suits Mulan well. Continue reading

Cyrstal Liu and Jing Bo Ran Display Plenty of Chemistry in First Teaser for C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House

Consider me pleasantly surprised and now even more excited for 2019 period C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House. I already loved the bookish and lyrical title, taken from the same name manhua that is the original source of the … Continue reading

Fierce Battle Between C-actresses Yang Zhi and Dilraba Dilmurat to be the 2018 Golden Eagle Goddess

The battle is fierce to be the 7th member of the exclusive Golden Eagle Goddess ranks, even if it means being decked out in enough gold, sparkles, and sequins to blind good taste. The biennial Golden Eagle Awards celebrates China’s … Continue reading

Liu Shi Shi Leads Short List of C-actresses Notable for Having Swan’s Necks

Korean netizens have their own fixations on female star beauty with phrases like S-line, V-line, honey thighs, etc. that once understood is hard to unsee afterwards. C-netizens have their own preferences on what constitutes top starlet beauty and one such … Continue reading

Distinctive Three Incarnation Movie Posters with Yang Yang and Crystal Liu in Movie Version of Three Lives Three Worlds

There are three distinct lives even for the god and goddess main leads of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, hence the beautiful novel title and the ethereal vibe of the entire story. The C-drama adaptation was a … Continue reading