D.O. Announces Military Enlistment in July 2019

Fans of D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) probably thought they had another three years with this baby before he shipped off to the military what with him being only 26 and all. Alas D.O. has other plans and today announced his impending military enlistment for this July 2019. He will be out in May 2021 and during his service will be doing active military duty. Rumors are that he’s squeezing in his service now because the next two installments of the Along With the Gods hit movies will start filming in 2021 and he’ll play a lead role at least in the third movie for sure. He played an introverted and bullied army rookie in the Along movies so has done plenty of army cosplay already but I’m envisioning super gung ho puppy D.O. in the army in real life. Good luck! Continue reading

Lush Colors and Costumes in Posters and Stills for tvN Sageuk 100 Days My Prince

I’m a sucker for gorgeous costuming in period dramas, appropriate to the context of course, because it’s visual porn akin to fawning over the British costumes in a Jane Austen novel adaptation. There a dreamy romantic element of the transportation … Continue reading

Star-studded Cast of Fantasy Death K-movie Along With the Gods Holds Press Conference

The year end holiday season will have a star-studded big-budget K-movie to look forward to, and hopefully end the Korean box office for 2017 on a high note. Fantasy death movie Along With the Gods (Two Worlds) is adapted from … Continue reading