TW-actress Barbie Hsu Gets Flack for Looking Her Age and Being Happily Married

It’s not easy in the entertainment industry anywhere, and aside from the casting tribulations the commentary and standards continue to follow a star even after pseudo-retirement. TW-actress Barbie Hsu (Da S) hasn’t acted in years ever since her marriage to a rich Chinese heir and then settling down to have two kids back-to-back. Unlike her little sister Xiao S, she hasn’t magically bounced back to pre-baby weight and doesn’t appear to want/be able to. She’s happy and says so in every interview, and maybe she needs to stay away from entertainment industry events because she’s getting raked through the press coals from last week’s Elle Style Awards presence. Her husband told the press that he commissioned an all black outfit for his wife from a British designer but the press instead said Da S now looks like her much older mother-in-law and the outfit may have been black but was clearly not slimming. The press also called out all the PDA going on between the two on the red carpet, talk about salty. Continue reading

Ady An’s Wedding Party of the Year Moves Back to Taiwan for Star-studded Banquet

The festivities have moved from Hawaii back to Taiwan for the final stop in TW-actress Ady An‘s wedding extravaganza of the year. Celebrity weddings can be lavish and over-the-top and Ady’s definitely is up there in terms of how much … Continue reading