Big Bang’s Daesung to be Investigated by Police for Owned Building Rented to Brothels

Well, it’s out of the military and into the police for Daesung, for questioning that is. Big Bang‘s newly discharged from military service member Daesung will be headed into the police station next week for questioning on the case of a building he owns being rented out to several brothels. The proprietors of those brothels have been booked and the enterprises shut down but Daesung being the owner of the building certainly casts a shadow on his involvement. Did he know when his lessees were using the space for, or was this one of many buildings he owned where he hired a professional management service to handle the rentals. Apparently he consulted a lawyer before asking whether he could be liable for brothels being run in buildings he owns so that hypothetical question certainly colors him claiming no knowledge. Either way, with how much worse Seungri allegedly broke the law and still hasn’t been prosecuted, I don’t see anything beyond a slap on the wrist for Daesung. Continue reading