Lee Byung Hun’s Blackmailers Get Jail Time While He Just Gets a Text Message Public Shaming

Lady justice has spoken, or perhaps she’s long dead and buried, as the Lee Byung Hun getting blackmailed trial comes to an end today in a South Korean courtroom as the two blackmailing ladies got handed down their sentences. Model Lee Ji Yeon got slapped with a year and two months in the slammer while her accomplice/co-defendant Dahee of GLAM got a slighter shorter sentence of one year in jail. The court sentenced the two ladies after they admitted to blackmailing Lee Byung Hun by threatening to released a tawdry conversation they recorded and then asked the court for leniency.

The defendants raised mitigating circumstances claiming the blackmail was in retaliation for Lee Byung Hun’s making a play for Lee Ji Yeon and then dumping her. The court didn’t buy that explanation since there was no evidence that Lee Byung Hun had an affair with Lee Ji Yeon so the blackmail was chalked up to pure financial gain. It’s unclear if the sentences will include time served as the two have been in custody since their August arrest last year. With the twin dangers to society safely behind bars, Lee Byung Hun can rest assured that all he’ll have to deal with is public scorn and shame as Dispatch recently released the purported contents of some of his text messages with Lee Ji Yeon. Continue reading