MBC Preps Filming for Revenge Drama Goodbye Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook

It’s easy to see why fame is fleeting in an out of sight out of mind way because I’ve done forgot about upcoming MBC drama Goodbye Mr. Black. Once it was in the news all the time for casting updates, then later for which network was airing it back-and-forth, but once it was set on MBC and then got pushed back a bit, it was like a deflating balloon that fizzled in momentum. I’m sure the whole thing will rev up momentum again when it actually starts filming, which is will soon this month for a March 2016 premiere date.

The drama will either follow One More Happy Ending on Wed-Thurs or Glamorous Temptation on Mon-Tues, both dramas end in March so that gives MBC choice on where to slot it. It’s a revenge drama based on a manhwa loosely based on The Count of Monte Christo, and if it has high production values chances are MBC will give it the more splashy Wed-Thurs time slot. Female lead Moon Chae Won already cut her hair into a super shot pixie for this role, here’s hoping the script and directing is worth her comeback effort. Continue reading

Elle Korea Features a Smorgasbord of K-stars for its Charitable “Share Happiness” Campaign

The holiday season is fast approaching like a freight train and with it comes holiday cheer and hopefully more charitable givings. Elle Korea has assembled a huge group of actors, actresses, and idols for it’s annual “Share Happiness” charity photo … Continue reading