tvN Mon-Tues Drama Awaken Finishes with Excellent Episode 16, Another Indelible Performance by Namgong Min, and Solid Average Ratings of 4.543%

It’s weird, after watching both Kairos and Awaken (Night and Day) back to back, Kairos is a better written and executed drama but I’m way more emotionally invested in Awaken due to the jaw dropping acting show put on by Namgong Min for the entire 16-episodes. This was his playground and we’re all just lucky to be along for the ride. It made sense that he would pick this drama, it’s dark and twisty and intense and it’s not his fault there are giant plot holes and raging scientific ridiculousness to drive a truck through. Watching his Do Jung Woo out-plot, out-think, and out-crazy the baddies was the whole point of the show and so mesmerizing. It helps he had a great supporting cast, I thought everyone played their parts well even the overacting crazies. I’m sad Awaken will likely be shuffled off into the bin of thriller procedurals aplenty in the K-drama depository, it was really entertaining to watch and made my Mon-Tues something to look forward to.

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