Red Carpet Pictures from the 2011 Golden Horse Awards

Taiwan’s most prestigious awards show came and went, and thankfully the results caused no sputtering outrage and mud flinging the way the Golden Bells did last month. Last night’s Golden Horse Awards was a rather muted affair, with some viewers not terribly impressed with the star quality of the nominees and attendees compared to other years. The biggest nomination winner Seediq Bale ended up winning Best Picture, but then lost all the rest of the major awards, including Best Director, which went to Ann Hui for A Simple Life. Best Actor and Best Actress went to Andy Lau and Deanie Ip, playing a servant surrogate mother to a young master duo in A Simple Life.

The movie currently with the most popular acclaim You Are the Apple of My Eye, ended up only winning one major award in newcomer Kai Ko winning for Best Supporting Actor. Since I’ve not seen any of the nominated movies yet, I just enjoyed the night for the fashion. And my favorite went to the pairing of Vic Zhou and Ella, who walked the red carpet together and presented, all to drum up interest in their upcoming TW-movie Destiny’s Pair. Swooooon, they are so adorable together. And bonus points for my Zai Zai shaving off his months long scraggly facial hair. Welcome back, handsome. Continue reading