Sageuk 100 Days My Prince Breaks tvN Mon-Tues Ratings Record and Owns My Heart

I have a new K-drama addiction and thy name if 100 Days My Prince (Dear Husband of 100 Days). It is soooooooo good, like everything that made Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and The Moon Embraces the Sun winning from the start and hopefully will maintain it’s perfect narrative spooling. Leads D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) and Nam Ji Hyun are pitch perfect in acting and chemistry, and thanks to the child actors setting the stage beautifully for them the transition is tight and gets the audience right to rooting for the leads to live happily ever after and all the baddies to get their comeuppance.

The childhood love story portion is sweet without being cloying and ends on such a shattering note, but then the humor remains as the crown prince turns into a raging asshole (and who can blame him) while our spunky fallen heroines makes do with life and turns into a spinster thanks to a very ballsy marriage proposal she received as a child. But of course life throws her man back into her world and thanks to his own stupid edict and a convenient memory loss we’re going to have fake married hijinks leading to real love. I can’t wait, this drama is so so magical to watch and the audiences agree as episode 1 started with 5.026% ratings which went up to 6.199% by episode 2. Continue reading

Lush Colors and Costumes in Posters and Stills for tvN Sageuk 100 Days My Prince

I’m a sucker for gorgeous costuming in period dramas, appropriate to the context of course, because it’s visual porn akin to fawning over the British costumes in a Jane Austen novel adaptation. There a dreamy romantic element of the transportation … Continue reading