First Trailer for tvN Romantic Sageuk Dear Husband of 100 Days with Nam Ji Hyun and D.O.

Ooooh me likey, me likey very much! The first teaser trailer is out for tvN sageuk drama Dear Husband of 100 Days (Hundred Days Husband or 100 Days My Prince) and it looks so cute and pretty thanks to the palpable chemistry of leads D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) and Nam Ji Hyun. Both are very good at generating charisma onscreen, especially Nam Ji Hyun who is proven in sageuks and I am optimistic with D.O. based on this preview alone. The concern is that the drama is from the screenwriter of My Lovely Girl, but then she also wrote Can We Love, Scent of a Woman, and Dr. Champ. The drama is premiering the second week of September in the Mon-Tues time slot after Let’s Eat 3. Continue reading