First Look at Yoon Shi Yoon Playing Twins and Pretending to be a Judge in SBS Drama Your Honor

The twins or lookalikes trading places conceit has already been done once this year with SBS drama Switch: Change the World in the prosecutor role and is going for part deux by the same network with increased odds in the judge position. Upcoming Your Honor (Dear Judge) has Yoon Shi Yoon playing the dual roles of diametrically opposite personality and life path twins, with the main lead a convicted felon who has served prison time who must now impersonate his perfect twin brother as a judge when the law abiding judge twin suddenly disappears. Lee Yoo Young is the female lead with a supporting cast of Park Byung Eun, Nara, and Sung Dong Il doing another judicial drama after currently airing Miss Hammurabi. The drama will take over the slumping Wed-Thurs time slot after The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eim on July 25th. Continue reading