Lee Jong Seok and Shin Hye Sun Show Off Script for Short Drama Death Song

I totally forgot that Shin Hye Sun was also a student in School 2013 which launched the careers of Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin, so this is a reunion for her to do the short drama Death Song (Hymn of Death) with Lee Jong Seok. It’s an added reunion as Lee Sang Yeob is also joining the cast after being such a turd to everyone in While You Were Sleeping but especially to Lee Jong Seok’s character. Death Song is about the life of Korean opera singer Yum Sim Deok in the 1920’s and her doomed romance with writer Kim Woo Jin as the chose to jump overboard a ship headed back to Korea rather than return to their respective significant others. It’s tragic and selfish but perfect fodder for dramatizing. The drama premieres this May on SBS. Continue reading