Alec Su, Alyssa Chia, and Gao Yuan Yuan Reunite to Cameo in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Reunions stemming from fond memories are the best. Even though people have aged, with it comes an appreciation for the moment in time long ago as well as the current state. Of Louis Cha‘s famous Condors trilogy, which is really two novels and then a third one loosely connected with the first two, my least favorite is the final book Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre. Yet for some reason this novel’s drama adaptation is one where I have religiously watched each version. I can safely say the best one is hands down the 2002 version with Alec Su as Zhang Wu Ji, Alyssa Chia as Zhao Min, and Gao Yuan Yuan as Zhou Zi Ruo. I have my reasons for not liking this story in general – the hero being so wishy-washy and brainy but totally socially stupid, the fact that he’s surrounded by four girls who all love him and he kinda strings them all along (nicely, of course), and the overall tenor of the narrative where I felt like the good guys were always getting shafted. Nevertheless, the drama adaptations have by and large been decent and entertaining, especially the 2002 version which cast the leads perfectly. They also had amazing chemistry and for a wuxia period drama this one was quite romantic.

So its with excitement and nostalgia to see that Director Lai got his three stars from HSDS to reunite for a cameo appearance in the upcoming Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils adaptation he is directing. Talk about having friends in high places who will still do you a super cool favor. Since this is a cameo, their roles are minor ones in the novel but rather crucial as setting up the previous generations conflicts which helped shape what happens to the younger generation. Alec is Wu Ya Zi, Alyssa is Li Qiu Sui, and Gao Yuan Yuan is Sister Goddess (or the younger sister of Li Qiu Sui who was the supposed inspiration for the statute Wu Ya Zi carved). In the novel, years later Duan Yu found the statute in the cave and was fascinated by it and when he met Wang Yu Yan he thought she looked like the goddess statute come to life. Which makes sense since the daughter of Wu Ya Zi and Li Qiu Sui was the mother of Wang Yu Yan. So Alyssa and Yuan Yuan play a pair of beautiful sisters and has a love triangle with Alec. My head is already swirling with the deja vu and I can’t wait to see it! Continue reading

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