Deng Lun Fully Scrubbed from C-ent within 24 Hours of Tax Evasion News and Loses All 15 Brand Endorsements

The hammer falling on C-actor Deng Lun (Allen Deng) for his tax evasion isn’t just complete it’s swift so basically completed within 24-hours. His Weibo account is removed, his Douyin account the same, and his name is gone from all the dramas he starred in which are officially streaming online including his biggest hit Ashes of Time and also his upcoming drama Night Wanderer. I feel like I’ve seen this show before, and the most recent participants were in most recent order: Zhang Zhe Han, Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu), and Zheng Shuang. In addition to basically “evaporating” within C-ent presence, he lost 15 endorsements in the span of the 24-hours with one that just announced him as the new spokesmodel not one day earlier. C-ent is saying that he’s done DONE, like no possibility for comeback. He’s got liuliang popularity but apparently hasn’t left a strong and positive string of good impressions behind him within the industry insiders. Also this tax evasion was super bad – his team was informed that the government was questioning his taxes, and urged to rectify the filing. When he did not do so, then the government proceed to open a formal investigation, found the under reporting, and then went public with it. So had he fixed it when it was just an informal matter with the tax authorities he may have come out of this unscathed.

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