Period C-drama Princess Agents Releases First Stills Starring Zhao Li Ying with Lin Geng Xin and Shawn Dou

Actresses rarely get the accolade of aging beautifully, reserved for actors who grow older onscreen with dignity while the fresh-faced beauties are held up to impossible standards. With that said, leading lady Zhao Li Ying is absolutely aging beautifully and it’s all due to her shedding the super cutesy baby girl looks and flourishing into an angular more intense glamour. She’s headlined so many C-dramas in recent years, mostly period fare which suits her like second skin, but I’ve yet to truly love a role of hers. Up next she’s the titular female lead in Princess Agents (Te Gong Wang Fe Qu Qiao Zhuan), costarring with two 14th Princes in a funny coincidence. Her male lead is C-drama Bu Bu Jing Xin 14th Prince Lin Geng Xin while second male lead is C-movie 14th Prince Shawn Dou. Nice! The first stills are out and I don’t see her character as either a princess or agent but she’s drop dead gorgeous even all dirtied up. Continue reading