Mark Chao, Lin Geng Xin, and Feng Shao Feng Reunite for New Detective Dee and the Four Heavenly Kings Movie

There’s a new Detective Dee movie coming this summer of ’18 and I’m stoked. The Detective Dee movies with Tsui Hark at the helm have been the right popcorn period flicks the Chinese movie world needed after years of blah big budget boredoms. The original Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame with Andy Lau was solid but I preferred the younger sequel Detective Dee and the with Mark Chao stepping into the role of the younger version with Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon thanks to adding sidekicks to the cast including Lin Geng Xin and Feng Shao Feng. The arrival of the third movie in the franchise keeps the three male leads and adds new female lead Ma Si Cun in for Angelababy as the eye candy and joined by another male lead in Ethan Ruan. Check out the fun teaser below. Continue reading

Detective Dee Prequel is an Entertaining Romp with Mark Chao, Feng Shao Feng, Lin Geng Xin, and Kim Bum

You guys want to watch Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon? I normally don’t post full movie links here but this will be an exception because I haven’t had so much fun watching a popcorn period C-movie in ages. Plus … Continue reading

Official Movie Posters and Long Trailer for Star-studded Detective Dee Prequel

The ingenuity and heart from the heydays of the wuxia or period movies are long gone and even the famed directors from that era have taken to substituting special effects and intricate fighting for good storytelling. I still watch them … Continue reading