C-drama Audiences Fuming Over the Ending of Diamond Lover with Rain and Tang Yan

It’s going to be hard to top the collective audience outrage that erupted this week over the ending of the popular summer C-drama Diamond Lover. The drama starring Rain, Tang Yan, and Luo Jin has been doing gangbuster ratings since it premiered in late July, running for over 60 episodes and keeping the local audiences hooked all the way. The happy feel good train came to an abrupt halt a few days ago with the out-of-left-field ending that is dominating all news articles about this drama, and has left the drama baidu bar teeming with furious and appalled fans.

I watched two episodes and that was enough for me, I dislike bullied fat girl loses weight and lives her Cinderella fantasy stories and this one is as cloying as it comes, to no fault of Tang Tang or Rain in their acting or chemistry which was fine. I can’t say the drama is terrible, but it is overly sleek and stuffed to the gills with PPL to make The Time I Loved You look like an indie production. But hearing about the ending had me rolling on the floor laughing at the chutzpah of the producers. Really? To avoid spoilers I’ll discuss it after the jump. Continue reading