Discovery of Love Screenwriter Preps Slice-of-Life KBS Weekend Drama Our Five Kids

This is a welcome and refreshing piece of drama development news. The screenwriter of the tvn I Need Romance franchise and who also wrote last year’s KBS romance drama Discovery of Love is breaking out of her dating-centric box. Writer Jung Hyun Jung is prepping her next work called Our Five Kids, which tells os a slice-of-life type family story in a funny and heartwarming way. Nowhere do I see the words betrayal, revenge, and/or separation, so I’m all good with this!

The drama has been picked up by KBS and given a weekend time slot, which likely means it’ll air in early 2016 after 50-episode drama All About My Mom with Eugene and Lee Sang Woo wraps up. I’ll be curious how Jung Hyun Jung tackles family weekend fare since her writing is so closely associated discussions of modern dating mores and pitfalls. Discovery of Love was one of my favorite dramas last year, half for the writing even if I found all the characters so frustrating, and half for the great acting. If Our Five Kids has an acting cast I like then I’ll totally check it out. Continue reading

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Discovery of Love Releases Funny and Engaging Long Preview at Drama Press Conference

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