K-audiences Pick a Goblin and Another Oh Hae Young as Characters Most Desired as Christmas Date

This is the oddest poll ever even in the world of K-ent where anything can become the subject of a poll. With Christmas around the corner, typically polls are about which star the average Joe or Jane wants to spend the holidays with, but this poll takes it one step further to ask which drama character. Forget the star which is already out of reach, go further for the fictional character that doesn’t even exist in reality, lol. The poll was conducted of a few thousand participants and the winner was Kim Shin (aka the Goblin) for the male character and another tvN drama Another Oh Hae Young‘s female lead Oh Hae Young. It’s no surprise tvN swept both genders, the network really does make an effort to create interesting and memorable lead characters. Both are well-crafted and unique enough characters to merit a Christmas date. Continue reading

SBS Releases Nominees for Best Couple at 2016 Year End Drama Awards

I can’t believe the year end drama awards are right around the corner, I’m still enjoying the final offerings of this year rather than in previous years when I couldn’t wait for the next year dramas to arrive. Each network … Continue reading