Suzy and Ryu Seung Ryong Impress in Official Posters and Stills for The Sound of a Flower

Consider me pleasantly pleased with everything I’ve seen so far from upcoming sageuk movie The Sound of a Flower (Dorihwaga). Starring Suzy and Ryu Seung Ryung, the movie chronicles the life of the real first female pansori singer Jin Chae Sun, and her mentor as well as pansori legend Shin Jae Hyo. It’s basically the movie and pansori version of Painter of the Wind, which was the drama and painting story of a female painter impersonating as a man in order to paint during Joseon era.

Moon Geun Young made a name for herself playing the cross-dressing lead in Painter of the Wind and it’s going to be hard to put Suzy up to the same high standard, but I want to give Suzy the chance to do well enough to merit her getting such high profile roles. She looks drop dead gorgeous in the official movie poster above, channeling a youthful modern version of the hanbok style of Lee Young Ae. It’s high praise but I certainly wasn’t expecting Suzy to really shine visually in this drama so kudos to her. Ryu Seung Ryong just does his thing so effortlessly, basically the textbook definition of an actor’s actor. Continue reading

First Look at Suzy’s Period K-movie The Sound of a Flower with Award Winning Actor Ryu Seung Ryong

Suzy‘s casting as the female lead opposite Kim Woo Bin in 2016’s highly anticipated ┬ámelodrama Arbitrarily Fond by screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee has certainly garnered buzz, but it’s a mixed bag that seems to be the typical reaction following any … Continue reading