Ji Sung Returns to Being a Doctor for SBS Medical Drama Dr. Room 11 Years After New Heart

There’s two good reasons why I’m excited to hear that Ji Sung is coming back to the small screen. The first is that he’s reprising a doctor role in upcoming SBS medical drama Dr. Room, a good long 11 years after he played a doctor for the first time in the wonderful New Heart. The second is that New Heart’s other leading man is the now disgraced by sexual harassment claims Jo Jae Hyun which makes it hard to rewatch so now I get a new Ji Sung medical drama to replace it. Dr. Room is about a group of pain management doctors, with Ji Sung up for the role of a genius (of course) and the youngest (further of course) top anesthesiologist professor. I feel like medical dramas died down last year in frequency so I’m ready to dive back into one just for Ji Sung. Continue reading