Upcoming SETTV Drama Dream Chasing Gal Casts Amber Kuo and Tammy Chen

Word on the street is that Office Girls will end at 20 episodes, which skews long with respect to SETTV dramas. That means it’s follow up drama will have a mere six weeks to get ready for an early January premiere. This week the rumors I’ve been hearing have finally been confirmed – OG’s follow up drama is tentatively called Dream Chasing Gal (追夢妹) and will come from the hands of uber-successful producer Wang Pei Hua, who helmed SETTV’s biggest hit this year The Fierce Wife. It’s the story of two frenemies of differing social status played by Amber Kuo and Tammy Chen. The two male leads are Tony Yang and Johnny Lu, both of whom fall into the broad-shouldered hunky leading man category. Continue reading