Suzy Reprises Her Dream High Role in Cameo Reunion with Kim Soo Hyun in You From Another Star

I have to admit, even if Suzy‘s high profile cameo in You From Another Star was as random as random gets, it was still so darling and cheeky I got a huge kick out of it. I think those who haven’t watched Dream High just won’t understand what a kyaaaaa moment it is to see Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy acting together again. Yeah, they do those Bean Pole commercials and photo shoots which are also ridiculously adorable. But here they have dialogue, and oh my lord was it Throwback Thursday perfect. Suzy shows up in episode 17 smack in the middle of a fight between leads Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi. Wuri Hallyu superstar is understandably upset that her alien boyfriend is leaving for another planet in a month and isn’t in the mood to hear explanations despite said boyfriend is trying to explain himself. That’s where Suzy’s cameo comes in, and I almost fell off my seat when she opened her mouth and introduced herself as his student Go Hye Mi. LOLOLOL, seriously? Not only is she playing the same name character as her role in Dream High, she is that character herself because her next line is that folks have told her handsome Professor Do looks a lot like her ex-boyfriend Sam Dong. LOLOLOL, jinja? So Suzy does a flirty scene with Kim Soo Hyun as Professor Do while explaining he looks like her ex-boyfriend Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong.

Only in a drama as whatever with its own narrative mythology as YFAS can a meta-cameo like this work brilliantly. I am, however, very upset that my Hye Mi calls her Sam Song an ex-boyfriend! He’s not an ex, he’s her boyfriend who happens to be pursuing a music career in NY! Humph, those two never broke up and years later at Hye Mi’s concert she was totally singing to her honey while he was rocking out at the Grammy Awards. Anyhoo, this was a nice 3 minutes of happiness for a DH fan like me, and bonus points for Suzy actually being animated and still bursting with chemistry opposite Kim Soo Hyun. Don’t get me wrong, I still worship Jeon Ji Hyun as Chun Song Yi and her character should get everything her heart desires and more in this drama, including finding a way to convert her alien boyfriend into a human and live out the rest of their lives together. If the screenwriter has some naughty in her, she should mine those shoujo manga tropes and have sex be the answer, i.e. alien boy loses his alien-ness once he does the you-know-what with a earth girl. Yes, I know it’s silly but so far everything about YFAS is silly including the presence of serial killer Jae Kyung lurking around every corner. Might as well make the inevitable deus ex machina silly and sexy times, you know what imma sayin’. Enjoy the Suzy cameo, it was awkwardly shoved into the scene but ended up being harmless fun. Continue reading

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