Xiao Xiao Bin Nabs Another F4 Daddy by Starring as Vic Zhou’s Son in Destiny’s Pair

In addition to being Taiwan’s child actor du jour, Xiao Xiao Bin shall henceforth also be known as “the exclusive child to F4”. Having already played Vanness Wu’s son in Autumn’s Concerto, as well as Jerry Yan’s nephew in Down with Love, the much-too-adorable kid is adding a third F4 daddy to his resume (the most coveted F4 daddy if you ask me) by starring as Vic Zhou’s son in the upcoming TW-movie Destiny’s Pair. He only needs Ken Zhu to complete his F4 daddy collection. Continue reading

Presenting the Leading Actresses of Taiwan Entertainment

After I did the post on the leading men of Taiwan entertainment (here), it’s only fitting I devote the same attention to showcasing the leading ladies who spark and sizzle with those guys. To be frank, my personal opinion is … Continue reading