Chen Qiao En Cast as Empress Dugu of the Sui Dynasty in New C-drama Opposite Chen Xiao

There‚Äôs a new Empress trend coming with two C-dramas centering about the historical real life tale of Dugu Qielo otherwise known as Empress Dugu of the Sui Dynasty. The one I’m interested in just cast as the leads Chen Qiao En as Empress Dugu and Chen Xiao as her husband Emperor Wen (Yang Jian). The life story of Empress Dugu is yet another epic tales that seem too incredible to be true yet her life was lived colorfully and impacted an entire dynasty. Turns her her husband loved her so much he basically never took a concubine in their entire royal marriage, which also included coups and royal revolts and tons of great juicy events perfect for a C-drama retelling. Chen Qiao En was incredible in the turn remake of The Swordsman and I love her intense yet delicate aura in period dramas. Same goes for Chen Xiao. he’s always charismatic to the max in period fare and this will be one chemistry filled royal OTP. Continue reading