Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Pensive in Cuba in Individual Posters for K-drama Encounter

Fans of early Hallyu K-dramas should remember the trend for overseas shoots in romance dramas involving the two leads meeting as strangers in a strange land. That’s fallen out of fashion in modern romance dramas so it feels like a throwback vibe to see tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend) emphasize the Havana, Cuba connection formed between leads Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo. But aside from the impending romance, I also love the wandering spirit of the drama, that these two people individually traveled to Havana and is taking a breather from life it seems. Pensive and reflective, the individual lead posters are so lovely especially with the leads expressiveness even just sitting there. Continue reading

Park Bo Gum Cuts His Hair and Song Hye Kyo is Beautifully Melancholy in New Promos for tvN Drama Encounter

I love how C-netizens excited about upcoming tvN drama Encounter (literal title Boyfriend) keeps referring to male lead Park Bo Gum as “your boyfriend”. So if there is anything new about him for the drama, C-nets adorably tells female leadSong … Continue reading